About Our Pastor

Pastor Colin Lauchlan

Pastor Colin was born in South Africa. In his early twenties, he accepted Jesus Christ as His Lord and Saviour, and gave up a career in engineering to attend Ambassador College in Bricket Wood, UK, and Pasadena, CA. After graduating with a degree in Theology in 1976, Colin continued as a lecturer at Ambassador College until 1978. During this time he met his wife, Susan, a native of Edmonton, Alberta. Over the course of the next thirty years, Colin and Sue lived and worked in several countries around the world. During this time they had the opportunity to be a part of Worldwide Church of God congregations in these countries. This gave them the opportunity to experience firsthand the unity of the church as it crosses national, racial, social and economic boundaries. In 1992 Colin was ordained a local elder in Edmonton, Alberta, and served on the national board of the Worldwide Church of God in Canada from 2006-2008.

In 2009 Colin retired from the corporate business world and accepted a post to pastor the churches in London, Windsor and Sarnia. His desire is to be used by God to build up and edify the body of Christ and to participate in the mission of the church to share the gospel with all nations.