Monthly Newsletter — September 2012

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This month we launch into a new series of sermons on the book of Matthew. It has been said that Christians tend to focus so much on the birth of Jesus Christ and on His death that they tend to ignore His life. And this does appear to be true. Of course, His birth is vitally important: God became man. And so is His death: procuring the forgiveness of our sins. But His life was no less important. Matthew devotes two chapters to Jesus’ birth (Ch 1-2) and two chapters to His death (Ch 27-28). The remaining 24 chapters tell us about His life.

In this series of sermons our focus will be on Jesus:

1. Jesus is God: This is not the story of someone who is acting independently of God, or is collaborating with God in heaven. Jesus said, “I and My Father are One” (John 10:30). He said, “Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father” (John 14:9). As we read through Matthew we need to keep in mind that what we see Jesus saying and doing are the words and works of God (John 14:10-11). Jesus is the full revelation of the Father. We can only truly know God as He has revealed Himself in Jesus (John 1:18).

2. Jesus is Man: Jesus is the perfect human being. He is what God intended when He created mankind. As such, He reflects who we are to become. God’s plan is to conform us to His image. As we read about the life of Jesus, and see Him in action, we see the kind of person God wants us to be. We should not misunderstand this to mean that we study the life of Jesus so that we can have an example that we can emulate. Jesus came to live out a perfect, righteous human life for us. And He wants to give us that life (John 10:10). As we surrender our lives to Him, He gives us His life. We have been united to Him by the Holy Spirit, who is conforming us to His image, making us partakers of His divine nature.

I hope you will take the time during the coming months to read through the book of Matthew several times on your own. I am convinced that the Holy Spirit is able to speak to us more powerfully in a sermon if we have prepared our minds ahead of time by studying the Word.

Warmest regards,

Colin and Sue

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