Monthly Newsletter — August 2012

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Last weekend we celebrated Don and Barb Dutton’s 60th wedding anniversary with a most enjoyable lunch. This was followed by an excellent service at Springbank Park with over 100 people in attendance. This was a 20% increase over the previous year. Hopefully this will continue to grow to become a major annual event for London churches. Many thanks to all who worked hard to make both events a success.

On Sunday, August 12, we plan on taking up a special collection for the building project in Bangladesh. As many of you know, the church in Canada funded the building of a mission center in a remote part of Bangladesh in the mid-1990’s. Over the past twenty years this outreach, under the leadership of John Biswas, has established some 15 churches in an overwhelmingly Muslim part of the world. They have also helped raise living standards through a nurse’s training program and a goats-for-the-poor program. The original wooden building has become structurally unsafe as a result of weather damage and plans are underway to build a new reinforced concrete structure to replace it. We will be taking up a collection on August 12, together with other congregations across Canada, to raise the $25,000 needed to fund the first phase of this building project.

Warmest regards,

Colin and Sue

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