Welcome to the Family of Faith Christian Fellowship

Family of Faith Christian Fellowship is a congregation of Grace Communion International. We are a congregation committed to serving Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour.

As a denomination, our spiritual journey has taught us about God’s faithfulness and unfailing love. We have learned that knowing God isn’t about rules and programs, about us trying to reach up to God. It’s about the fact that God has already reached down to us and made available a new life in Christ. We are able to enter into a personal relationship with God through His son, Jesus Christ, because the son has already reconciled us to the Father and made that relationship possible.

Finding new life in Christ draws us into community with one another, and leads us to live and share this new life with others.

The Family of Faith Christian Fellowship meets each week at Covenant Christian School, 7 Howard Avenue, Lambeth (we are not associated with the school, but use the school chapel for our services).

We warmly welcome anyone who wishes to come and worship God with us.

Colin Lauchlan, Pastor